A-Series Fabric Building

Available in 30′ – 60′ widths, to any length

Model A300 A400 A500 A550 A600
Building Width 30’ 40’ 50’ 55’ 60’
Peak Height 13’ 16’ 17’ 27’ 24’

The A-Series building design is ideal for industrial and agriculture storage. Deeper truss depth results in fewer trusses for reduced labor, installation and shipping costs.  It is important to know that the A-Series buildings are designed using the same building codes as conventional, pre-engineered steel buildings. In addition, they are designed in accordance with structural requirements of the International Building Code and the National Building Code of Canada.

Features & Benefits:

  • Less manufacturing lead time required than conventional buildings.
  • Optional 6’ & 8’ leg extensions allow for a straight wall, increasing the building’s storage capacity and ability to install larger overhead doors to accommodate oversized equipment.
  • One-piece fabric covers allow for quick cover installs saving time, money and even manufacturing costs.
  • Precision laser-cut parts result in best fit and hassle-free installation.
  • Couplers and connections designed for efficient installation with minimal fasteners.
  • Comes in a truss depth of 24”

Ideal Applications:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Equipment storage
  • Agricultural storage
  • Light industrial use
  • Salt and sand storage
  • Warehousing operations