Fabric Building Benefits

Fabric buildings are an excellent alternative to conventional buildings for many reasons and have become a preferred solution in the building marketplace.

Clear-Span Design

The absence of internal pillars or posts allows for maximum use of space. The high ceilings allow you ample clearance for moving or storing large equipment.

A-WARE-001 - Future BuildingsNaturally Bright for Lower Operating Costs

The translucent fabric cover plus the reflection from the white interior of the fabric increases the natural light within the building. This can reduce or eliminate the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. A steel or wood building could cost thousands of dollars each year in additional lighting costs.

Easily Relocated

Fabric buildings are designed to be permanent, but can be quickly disassembled and relocated with minimal impact on the environment when compared to steel or wood structures.

Quick to Install

Fabric buildings typically require less lead and construction time than conventional construction, getting you up and running faster.

Lower Project Cost

Total project costs, including construction, can be significantly less than prefabricated steel or wood structures particularly in clear-span applications. The fabric covers are virtually maintenance free. They do not trap dust or dirt and do not require painting or shingling to maintain their clean appearance.

Foundation Options

The flexible nature of a fabric structure accommodates foundation movement. In addition, there are more types of foundations available which can be quicker to install, resulting in less overall expense.