H-Series Fabric Building

Available in 32′ – 72′ widths to any length

Model H320 H400 H420 H500 H550* H630 H650 H700 H720
Building Width 32’ 40’ 42’ 50’ 55’ 63’ 65’ 70’ 72’
 Peak Height 19’ 15’ 20’ 16’ 27’ 20’ 29’ 20’ 29’

*55’ H-Series building is not available in Canada.

The H-Series building line is designed for agriculture and light industrial use where an economical building solution is important.  It is important to know that the H-Series buildings are designed using the same building codes as conventional, pre-engineered steel buildings. In addition, they are designed in accordance with structural requirements of the International Building Code and the National Building Code of Canada.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large selection of standard widths.
  • Less manufacturing lead time than conventional buildings.
  • Cost effective, quick installation and easily relocated.
  • Couplers and connections designed for efficient installation with minimal fasteners.
  • One piece fabric covers allow for quick cover installs saving time, money and manufacturing costs.
  • Comes in truss depth options of 12”, 18” and 24”

 Ideal Applications:

  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Equipment storage
  • Agricultural storage
  • Light industrial use
  • Warehousing operations
  • Salt and sand storage